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About us

About us


Starting in the 1980s, TIM DO CO., LTD has been known as one of the leading garment accessories manufacturers in Vietnam. With more than 300 production machines and 150 employees with the same direction of continuous improvement, we are constantly researching and developing new techniques and models, investing in advanced machines, training our workers to Skilled staff and professional sales, wish to satisfy the diverse needs of customers at the most reasonable price.
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  • Over 30 years of development experience
  • 1.000+ Client

History of formation & development

  • Established Diep Ha Tu private establishment

    Mr. Diep Ha Tu (the founder) established a facility specialized in mechanical engineering and machine repair.


    TIM DO TRADING & MANUFACTURING CO., LTD was born in 1997, marking the transition to a new development phase specializing in auxiliary products mainly for clothing with a small scale.

  • Factory 1

    Tim Do Manufacturing and Trading Co., Ltd. invested and put into operation the No. 1 factory in Binh Chanh (HCMC). A new development phase along with the integration period of the country's economic development. The company has improved product quality, production capacity, diversified product designs and developed the main market for the domestic market.

  • Partners of domestic garment and fashion corporations

    The company has constantly strived to develop and improve the technique of the mold industry, and invested in high-precision CNC equipment for molds and production technologies, changing the production process. aiming at products made entirely in Vietnam with the motto “MADE BY VIETNAM“

  • Newly established showroom office building

    The company has operated a large and spacious office and showroom building located in District 5. Launched a variety of products, and provided solutions not only for clothes, but also shoes, handbag components, medical accessories and decorations of all kinds.

  • Factory 2 comes into operation

    Factory 2 officially put into operation with an area of ​​7000m2. Modern machinery system and equipment according to industry standards. Accredited with OEKO-TEX certificate to target international standard customers and expand domestic market share.


Vision, mission

• Tim Do makes continuous efforts to develop sustainably into a strong enterprise in the supporting industry in general and in the field of garment accessories in particular.
• Constantly innovating creativity and sincere enthusiasm, ensuring customer satisfaction and developing together with partners.
• Each member of Red Heart has the opportunity to develop, enthusiasm to be able to build a better and better life.

• Tim Do will strive to be one of the leading garment auxiliary companies in Vietnam, providing diverse products with high quality according to international standards, in order to accompany domestic and foreign partners. develop
• Garment auxiliary products will increasingly develop and occupy a good position in the domestic market of Vietnam, towards export to foreign markets.

• Customer's interests always come first; Customer satisfaction is the success of Red Heart
• Solidarity, dynamism, creativity, professionalism, modernity, sharing and social responsibility

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